Study trip – examples of good practice

Employees of Miholjac entrepreneurial center – Local development agency and Entrepreneurial incubator Osvit are taking part in a three-day study trip. The purpose of the trip is get acquainted with the good practice of construction and management of business zones. The program includes a visit do Business zones in Dugopolje, Šibenik and Novi Stankovci. As a part of this trip visits to successfully implemented investments are also a part, such as a tour of logistic center of Konzum system, Montmontaža, as well as Naval innovation center iNAVIS in Šibenik. Representatives of Cronomar in Šibenik have left a special impression on the participants of the trip.

Study trip – conclusions

Project financed from IPA III c EU fund “Continued infrastructure construction in Industrial zone Janjevci” also covers a study trip for the attendants of the education cycle. After five seminars entrepreneurs were enabled to see examples of good practice through a three – day study trip. Since the topic of the seminar was construction and management of business zones, three business zones were selected: PODI zone in Dugopolje municipality, PODI zone in Šibenik and Novi Stankovci business zone.

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Construction of the collector starts

In the last few days construction of the industrial collector through City of Donji Miholjac – Vatroslav Lisinski St. has started. Collector is being constructed within “Infrastructure construction in the Industrial zone Janjevci” project. Funding for this project was secured  by the European Union within IPA III c program. Collector is one of the sub-projects whose task is providing quality draining and sewage of waste waters from Industrial zone anex to the waste water purifier. This type of waste water management with purification (mechanical and biological) will create favorable conditions for the investors who have demanding treatmants of waste waters in their manufacturing process. Continue reading “Construction of the collector starts”