Miholjac entrepreneurial center LDA and City of Donji Miholjac organized the third conference of “Continued infrastructure construction in Industrial zone Janjevci” project. The topic of the conference were RESULTS OF THE PROJECT AFTER ONE YEAR OF IMPLEMENTATION. Project manager Valent Poslon presented the results of implementation of this project, showing all the activities implemented during the first year.

This project had two specific goals:


┬áSeparate results were accomplished in the implementation, depending on the type of the infrastructure being constructed. Construction of storm water drainage holds the first place with the percentage (91,96%), followed by the construction of the industrial collector (86,31%), construction of sanitary – fecal sewer system (84,43%). Road construction has been implemented according to the dynamic plan (18,59%). Finishing works remain, as well as road paving and sidewalks in the zone.

Special results were accomplished in the second specific goal, creating different promotional materials (ID cards, Brochure of the Industrial zone, Investment guide etc.), as well as all the educational workshops intended for business promoters and entrepreneurs.

Published by Boris Poslon

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