Project details

Industrial Zone Janjevci is located in the eastern part of City Donji Miholjac, along the state road Osijek – Slatina. Zone covers an area of ​​1.25748 million m2, of which a total of 422,856.00 m2 has been built. Industrial zones can be divided into four basic sections. The first group consists of old commercial buildings built in the seventies and eighties of last century with the total area of ​​245,486.00 m2. The second group is the surface area of ​​177 370 m² infrastructure stocked in 2005. These units represent a sort of pilot investments in the industrial zone and applying a new system to encourage entrepreneurial activity, and are completely sold out, including the 10 building lots. The third group is the current project of building the infrastructure that takes place in an area of ​​22.5 ha, including 12 building lots. Fourth, the last group is the remaining 32 ha of land planned to be realized upon completion of this project.

Project “Continued infrastructure construction in the industrial zone JANJEVCI” consists of two components. The first component relates to the construction of infrastructure to ensure the basic conditions for investors to build new facilities or expansion of business operations while the second component consists of strengthening professional support entrepreneurship especially entrepreneurs and those who are in the stage of growth and development.

Construction related to the current project includes the following activities to build the infrastructure:

  •  construction of the bearing surfaces of hiking trails, bicycle paths and roadways, a total of 5,000 m2
  •  construction of roads with paving and road infrastructure, a total of 14 670 m²
  •  construction of rainwater drain separator for purification, a total of 0.9 km
  •  construction of a sanitary sewage system and
  •  construction of collector sanitary sewage system, a total of 1.62 km.

The project includes training activities such as training and education for management zones to ensure the highest quality professional support for business development as well as study tours aimed at acquiring new knowledge and experiences based on the experience of older colleagues. Are provided and specific training, as a sort of pilot project, aimed at entrepreneurs and therefore the topic of entrepreneurship and enterprise, planning and managing the project itself. The project activities are planned and promotional campaigns aimed at the industrial zone to foreign and domestic investors in the same zone to become aware of the benefits of investment and the opportunities provided by investing in the zone “Janjevci”.

The project has secured 1,119,415.99 € of which the European Commission provides 839,561.99€ Miholjac entrepreneurial Center – Local Development Agency 26,754.04 € and the City of Donji Miholjac 253,099.96 €. Implementation of the project was planned for 18 months and the realization began on the 1st March 2012.