Marketing, i.e. profitable fulfillment of customer needs is an important segment in any company and must not be ignored. These days most companies are particularly saving expenses in this sector which is an enormous mistake because by degrading it, the company fails to compete on the market which greatly endangers its future business.

Miholjac entrepreneurial center LDA will give two one-day workshops on December 17th and 18th: “Efficient marketing” and “Sale skills”. Workshops are targeting entrepreneurs with existing businesses, as well as all persons willing to enter the world of entrepreneurship. The business itself depends greatly on these skills because only the entrepreneurs who master these skills can efficiently overcome market demands and be considered successful. Workshops will be lead by a known coach ZRINSKI PELAJIĆ. Workshops are completely free of charge and are sponsored by Miholjac entrepreneurial center LDA and IPA III C program.

Applications can be submitted by Friday in Miholjac entrepreneurial center, by phone (630 944) or the form below.

Published by Boris Poslon

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