In the last few days construction of the industrial collector through City of Donji Miholjac – Vatroslav Lisinski St. has started. Collector is being constructed within “Infrastructure construction in the Industrial zone Janjevci” project. Funding for this project was secured  by the European Union within IPA III c program. Collector is one of the sub-projects whose task is providing quality draining and sewage of waste waters from Industrial zone anex to the waste water purifier. This type of waste water management with purification (mechanical and biological) will create favorable conditions for the investors who have demanding treatmants of waste waters in their manufacturing process.

Added value of this collector is the fact it will collect all waste waters from Vladimir Nazor Blok, part of the City without a quality sewage and draining system so far. Construction time is estimated to middle of December this year. Spring should bring sanitation of the whole street, for which EU funds will also be drawn. Value of the construction in V. Lisinski St. should be around €350.000.

Published by Boris Poslon

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