Business Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

                We are contacting You through this letter in order to introduce You to the competitive advantages and possibilities for investment provided by our location with a goal of achieving direct investments in our industrial zone.

We are contacting You from Republic of Croatia, City of Donji Miholjac, which is located in the East of the country, Slavonia/Baranja Region. Donji Miholjac is a city located on the coast of Drava River, bordering on Republic of Hungary and holding a very favorable geographic position. The distance from great European centers such as Budapest, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade are only 250 km (155 miles), which guarantees successful outreach to new markets. The aforementioned geographic position places Donji Miholjac in the center of so called New Europe.

            Donji Miholjac presents a favorable location for investments due to a number of factors and benefits provided for new direct investments. The City owns an industrial zone with a total area of 125,7 ha (0,5 mi2) and it is situated along side of City beltway with a direct access to it. A total of 35 entrepreneurs are operating in the zone and there are 719,090 m2 (0,28 mi2) of construction land still for sale. Construction land in the industrial zone is fully equipped with all the necessary communal and traffic infrastructure.

Aside from construction land fully equipped with infrastructure, direct investors are provided with certain benefits through company tax reliefs, communal fees and municipal contributions. These benefits depend on the size of the object being constructed (the bigger the object – the lower the price of m3). Construction lot price is 3 €/m2 with an option of purchase at 1 €/m2, which depends on the speed of implementation of the investment project.

Our City is also abundant with qualified work force in the defined target industries which are being encouraged in the zone. Target sectors of investments in the industrial zone are food processing, wood and metal processing, and plastic mass production. Hi – Tech industries also present a target sector, providing added value. We would also like to point out that we are currently in construction of a new building which will serve as an expansion to the existing one, in which our Entrepreneurial incubator is located.

Industrial zone “Janjevci” in Donji Miholjac is being managed by Miholjac Entrepreneurial Center – Local development agency which provides all the necessary information regarding the zone itself, possibilities and incentive measures which can only be gained through direct investing. Considering its basic activity, business consulting for entrepreneurs, as well as its position as entrepreneurial support institution, MEC LDA will provide maximum support in development process of business or investment project.

City of Donji Miholjac, along with its network of business support infrastructure, will provide speed and flexibility in the whole process of Greenfield investments, disposable work force and a good access to national and international markets which, along with relatively low work costs, guarantees profit.

We believe that these information will encourage You to consider investing in City of Donji Miholjac and our Industrial zone Janjevci with a goal of spreading Your business and conquering new markets. We encourage and invite You to visit City of Donji Miholjac and Industrial zone Janjevci in order to help Your decision of investing here.

More detailed information, as well as contact are available through these websites: and

Kind regards!


Goran Aladić dipl. oec.